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  • 作者:Shinxyn
  • 艺术家:Kagamine Rin(Yuuyu)
  • 难度:简单,普通,疯狂,疯狂,疯狂
  • 类型:新奇
  • 语言:日语
  • 时间:3:49
  • BMP:184
  • 下载数:
  • 发布时间:2010-7-23
  • 大小:7.63MB
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From Eager Love Revenge Album (an album full of Love is war remixes)
Original by supercell
Remixed by Yuuyu
Sung by Kagamine Rin, not Miku~

An Easy by orioncomet
A Normal by Roxkyuubiforever
A Hard by Shinxyn
Another Hard by Kecco
An Insane by Shinde

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Using Derekku's timing right now, feels quite well~ little tweak here and there though