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  • 作者:zyqzyq
  • 艺术家:Matsushita Yuya(KuroShitsuji II)
  • 难度:简单,困难,疯狂
  • 类型:动画
  • 语言:日语
  • 时间:1:25
  • BMP:136
  • 下载数:
  • 发布时间:2010-8-23
  • 大小:18.07MB
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A very beautiful song from Kuroshitsuji2.
I know it's not so good,becasuse of my lack of experience in making maps.
I'll keep on improving it according to your advices.
I really hope it could be ranked.

1-set a preview point,change the title,add some hitsound and improve spacing,based on Colin Hou's modding.
2-make a change to the hitsound,and learn a lot about hitsound from Vikon.
3-according to Odaril's modding..I want to make sure the identification of three diffs.The first diff,akashitsuji,is...